Technoengineering – is a result of collaboration of Russian and Foreign experts in enhancement of manufacturing processes due to implementation of more modern technologies and improvement of personnel skills..
Our partner and advisor is STARTECHNO GMBH,, which performs technical international projects with industrial manufacturers from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Austria and other countries.

Technoengineering is:

A unique supplier of the state-of-the-art industrial equipment. Foreign partners allow us to keep a finger on the pulse in the domain of “know-how” of the global machinery construction.

An updater. Our technical staff and service engineers perform tests and upgrade of your equipment according to the latest requirements and standards, technical conditions , quality rates.

Service – engineer. Staff of the Technoengineering service facility performs technical support of our customers on all stages of operation regarding supplied and already installed equipment.

Training and support. Training to run the new equipment is one of the most important stages while upgrading and set-up of the manufacturing facility. This stage will definitely speed-up implementation of new production processes and decrease chance of costly errors. In this domain Technoengineering offers an opportunity of interaction with the technician of the company, who can work out a face-to-face training program, convenient schedule and curriculum.

Technoengineering approach is innovation and improvement of your manufacturing facility. Our goal is the efficient production loop to get a high quality product.